How can I export favorited sentences?

In order to export favorited options, you can first select the manage collection button next to the collection you would like to choose sentences to add to your favorites list. 

Check the box next to the sentence you would like to add to the list and select "Favorite" at the top. 

At the top of the screen on the homepage, you can click the download icon in the Favorites option, thus providing you with an excel of the sentences and words you have reviewed. 

Each line in the TSV file will contain 4 columns separated by tabs:

  1. column 1 contains the sentence
  2. column 2 contains the cloze word
  3. column 3 contains the sentence and cloze word formatted for a cloze type note in Anki, for example: Clozemaster is {{c1::awesome}}.
  4. column 4 contains the translations
  5. This file can then be used to import your favorites into Anki.

Click Download and open the excel document. 

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